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~(• ‿ • )~ Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle ~(• ‿ • )~
:bulletblack: Hello~!
:bulletblack: The picture above is of a very awesome guy friend and myself.
:bulletblack: I'm a Cumberbabe
:bulletblack: I'm a vocaloid fan~
:bulletblack: I LOVE DOCTOR WHO
:bulletblack: My favorite colors are black, green, purple, and blue.

People I know IRL:
:icongokulover11::iconizukia::iconwatermelonlov15::iconminaluvscupcakes98::iconmrsnavel::iconatlantianmpl::iconlady-chan101: (and somewhat :iconsarishinohara:)


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I want to make :iconcolorful-club: a super~

I want to buy my sister Gokulover11 a print for her birthday coming up in November. So please help me because my goal is 10,720 points. Thank you to all that donate~!

Tell me if you want the 1st or 2nd plz. xD

MORE!! :la: :bulletgreen:OPEN:bulletgreen:
1 - llama
6-10 - llama + 5 :+fav:
11-16 - llama + 10 :+fav:
17-20 - llama + 20 :+fav:
21-25 - llama + 30-39 :+fav: + :+devwatch:
26-29 - llama + 40-49 :+fav: + :+devwatch:
30-39 - llama + 50-59 :+fav: + :+devwatch:
40-49 - llama + 60-69 :+fav: + :+devwatch:
50-57 - llama + 70-80 :+fav: + :+devwatch:
60-66 - 2 llamas + :+fav: all art + :+devwatch:
70+ - 2 llamas + :+fav: all art + 2 :+devwatch:

NEW!! :la: :bulletgreen: OPEN :bulletgreen:
1 points: llama
3 points: sketch
4 points: colored sketch
7 points: just a picture
10 points: group picture
11 points: watch :meow:
14 points: ID picture
16 points: ID picture with background
20 points: computer background :meow:
25 points: Icon
30 points: Birthday request (tell me 5 months earlier plz:la:)
35 points: FAN SERVICE
40 points: lineart <33
45 points: fanfiction >3<
50+ points: Anything you like


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FFFFFFFFFFFFFF- Its been a really long time...IM NOT DEAD. trust me. I have been tagged soooooooo many times...its crazy.

Tagged by: :iconxnamii:

:bulletred: The Rules :bulletred:
1. You must post the rules.
2. Each person must post 5 things about themselves in their journal.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create eleven new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4. You have to choose 11 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged them.
6. No tag backs.
7. No stuff in the tagging section about "You're tagged if you're reading this". You legitimately have to tag 11 people.

:bulletgreen: 5 things about me :bulletgreen:
1. I love noel the most.
2. I just realized im hungry.
3. I  love hope.
4. I hate pink.
5. I can't sing.

:bulletpink: Questions for me :bulletpink:

1. First, what you love about a woman prefer? long or short hair?
What? I like dudes :1 (what I meant to say is that I love noel.)

2. Second, what is your favorite food?
That extemely hard! I love all sorts of foods... C:

3. Third, where do you see yourself in 10 years?
I'm not quite all depends on what I do now. :)

4. Half full or half empty?
Half empty, sadly. I always see it that way but if someone is filling it up for me, its half full.

5. Read manga or watch anime?
I enjoy watching anime but by reading it, there are more stories and I can do it on the go CC:

6. Which like gamegirl you favorite and why?
What? a gamer girl but I LOVE GUYSSSS (i mean noel.)

7. Do you think the world will go down 2012? xD waiting for it but its not going to come.

8. What would you hold from a Final Fantasy VII remake?
Hmm...everything CC: I would want better graphics though... :I

9. Strawberry or cherry?
Strawberries :3 But I love cherries too xD

10. What are you looking forward to most right now?
Finishing this journal...

I tag:
:icongokulover11::iconizukia::iconmrsnavel::iconferyi::iconvocaloidfannerara::icontachycardiarx::iconmilizapiainc::icondawson-love101::iconjellycookies::iconyunasan: and :iconnanako87:

:bulletblue: Your questions :bulletblue:
1. What is your favorite pairing everrr? It can be from anything.
2. Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts?
3. OHNOES! There is an old lady that fell over there! What are your going to do?
4.  Best book eva?
5. Can you sing? Legit I mean.
6. The best motto ever is...?
7. Are you in love?
8. Your favorite food is what?
9. The last thing you ate was what?
10. Could I have a highfive?

Tagged by: :icon654321ll:

:bulletgreen: 5 things about me :bulletgreen:
1. I hate being tagged so many times.
2. I love noel.
3. I love noel.
4. I love noel.
5. I love noel.

:bulletpink: Questions for me :bulletpink:

1. Favorite dArtist?
DAMNNN...thats SOOO HARD TO CHOOSE. There are soooo many amazing artists out there... :CC I would have to say Caucasian-eaglemariyei and yuumei

2. Favorite show?
Im TOTALLY INTO GH (General Hospital) right now but I also love persona 4 even though it ended a few weeks ago :C

3. Favorite place outside your country?
South Korea <333

4. Favorite OC that's not your own?
lucalucario's Mia C:

5. Do you liek mudkiepz?
pfttt. Of course I do.

6.  Pi Day is.......?
I don't care.

I give it the middle finger and it explodes~

8. Do you like waffles?
Yeah! We like waffles!

9. Do you like pancakes?
Yeah! We like pancakes!

10. Do you like French toast?
Yeah! We like french toast! do do do do...

11. Shouldn't you be doing something right now? >.>

I tag:
:iconthe-angry-dondylion::iconhairclipz::icongalsan::iconpilot-obvious::iconmadzsan::icondsasec::iconchibichum::iconwritingowl::iconsweetaviticus::iconleachan97: and :iconsilverfeather11:

:bulletblue: Your questions :bulletblue:
1. What is your favorite color?
2. Do you like crayons? (I f***ing hate them >:U)
3. Are you are good artist in your opinion?
4. Do you take good photos?
5. What is your nationality/nationalities?
6. Are you a girl or boy?
7. Rice?
8. What time is it?
9. NyanNyanNyan?
10. Do you like Twilight? (I f***ing hate it more than crayons >:U)
11. I can't think of a question. Can you think of one for me? kthxbai

Tagged by: :iconaerorose:

:bulletgreen: 5 things about me :bulletgreen:
1. I had to miss school for 2 months 2 years ago.
3. I love noel.
5. I've had brain surgery.

:bulletpink: Questions for me :bulletpink:

1.How would you describe yourself?
I am very friendly if I like you. I also am very emotional at times and very caring if I care about you.

2.Do you believe in space aliens? (random)
I don't know...

3.What is your eye color?
Extremely dark brown :C

4.Do you play an instrument?
Yes. Guitar and im going to be taking violin next year for high school. I use to play the piano.

5.What is your middle name?

6.What is your favorite #?
15 C:

7.Favorite color?
I love all the colors mostly black, red, green and blue though

8.Favorite sport?
err...I dont know

9.Favorite Band/Artist?
I love a lot <3

10.Which question did you like least?
This one...i hate it ;D

I tag:
:iconlikegaming::iconjanemere::iconduduru::iconyumor::icongeneral-sidorov::iconjaysapusmells::iconepicweegee::iconalo-1::iconzenvas::iconlynnchime: and :iconsnowymist:

:bulletblue: Your questions :bulletblue:
1. I hate questions. Do you?
2. Your favorite superpower is what?
3. Best song ever is...?
4. Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?
5. QUICK! There is a book coming towards you, what do you do?
6.  Facebook? (NOT ME.)
7. Final Fantasy xiii or xiii-2?
8. Final Fantasy x or x-2?
9. Final Fantasy at all? Or Kingdom hearts? Neither?
10. What is your favorite food?
11. What country would you like to go to?

Part 2 coming up soon. ;DDD
  • Listening to: FF xiii-2 soundtrack <3
  • Reading: nuffin
  • Watching: Persona 4 and GH
  • Playing: FF xiii-2
  • Eating: Tofu and fried rice
  • Drinking: Bubble Tea

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